•  Gives you a chance to know, to appreciate and to develop a feeling of respect and confidence towards your competitor who experiences (or has experienced) problems similar to yours, and who might be able to help you find solutions by sharing his experience.

  Conferences, general meetings and suppers are held three times a year. There are also two social mixed activities (a congress and an industrial visit).

  Research is done on different dossiers at the request of members as long as they pertain to our industry and are of general interest to our Members.
Ex.: Technical comparisons and resistance and pull out tests of nails according to specific wood types - Work injury preventions and manual worker protection while using various tools and equipment in work shops - Regional profiles of the wood pallet industry in Quebec.

  Manual of Common Good Practices which can be used as a tool in the workplace, as well as promotional material with both old and new customers, to help reinforce their confidence and credibility in you.
(Available to Members in handy size English or French).

•  A web site which not only supplies a lot of information relevant to the Association and pallet industry, but also gives high visibility to all Members via easy visitor access to our pages of Regular Members and Associate Members, which contain precise coordinates of all Members.

•  Claims on behalf of Members, with regard to government entreaties when the interest and well being of our industry are threatened.
The more Members the Association represents, the higher the mass salary, and the greater our influence on governmental ministers. As the pallet industry is connected to other wood industries in Quebec, all of these members and their mass salaries added together play in your favour.

•  To receive full advantage of the benefits of the Association, it is obvious that the participation in the conferences, general meetings and suppers is a must.
Even if Members receive a copy of the official report of every general meeting, everything that is said or verbally shared between the participants cannot be fully reported. And even if it were, the ambiance would be lacking on paper. And as there is no official report on the conferences, a lot is lost by being absent.

•  To become a member of the AMPCQ, contact the general manager by phone: (450) 662-8955; by fax: (450) 669-8593; or by e-mail:

•  For subjects addressed by speakers in the past, as they were all given in French, please refer to the French section of our site (page Nouvelles corporatives).

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